What is Live Casino?

What is Live Casino?

Live casino is a new type of online gambling that uses real people to deal cards, spin roulette wheels and handle other gaming activities. It brings the best of the Las Vegas experience into your own home with high quality video feeds and professional dealers. These games can be played on desktop or mobile devices and are the closest thing to playing at a brick and mortar casino without leaving the comfort of your own couch.

While the first online casinos were pretty basic two decades ago operators have since spared no expense in making the experience more immersive and realistic. It’s this push to make things as close to a Vegas-style casino experience as possible that has led to the development of live dealer games. Live casino online brings the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas to your laptop or smartphone. This article explores the technology behind live casino, what games you can play and what makes it so much fun to play.

One of the most exciting aspects about live casino is that it’s completely random. The fact that the dealers are real and not computer-generated means that there’s no way to rig the games in any way. This is great for players because it’s a huge part of the casino experience and it gives you peace of mind that you’re getting a fair game.

Another thing that sets live casino apart from traditional online casinos is that the games are played with real money. In order to play you must deposit funds into your account and then choose a table to join. The live casino website will then show you a list of available tables and their betting limits. You’ll need to select the table that you want to play at and then click on it to begin your session.

There are a few key features that all live casino sites must have to be considered legitimate. The first is that they must have a license to operate within the jurisdiction in which they’re located. Next, they must have a secure payment platform and various authentication measures in place to ensure that winning players can receive their jackpots with confidence. Finally, they must have the highest level of electronic security to protect their players’ personal information.

A live casino must also offer a chat function that allows players to communicate with the dealer and other players in real time. This can be done using a text box that is displayed on the studio monitor or by clicking on a chat icon within the game window. This is a great feature for those who are looking for a more social gaming experience and it adds a lot of fun to the experience.

The last feature that a live casino must have is an ingenious piece of hardware called a Game Control Unit (GCU). This tiny device encodes the information from the live game and sends it to the player’s screen, so they can see how their bets are doing in real time. This makes the games very immersive and the most accurate representation of a Vegas-style casino outside of a real casino.